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Cassar Audio Labs is a mastering studio dedicated to independent artists, labels, producers and recording studios. Specialized in mastering for many years, the studio finalizes your music before its distribution and adapts it to various formats (CD, vinyl, digital) and streaming services (Youtube, Spotify, Itunes, etc).

Experience gained through the different stages of music production and a true passion for sound allows the studio to approach all musical styles, from the most “popular” to the most “underground”.

Our goal is to offer a quality service meeting your expectations. The studio has a meticulously/carefully calibrated acoustic and monitoring system offering the sound precision necessary/needed for mastering your project.

Custom analog gear, carefully selected modern digital processing, work methods optimized over the years, every detail has been meticulously studied with one main mission: to reveal the best of your music.


The studio’s equipment consists of tools selected for their sound and functional quality, and much of the electronic equipment was custom-made or modified for the needs of the studio. As a result, the audio signal is perfectly controlled and the work environment is comfortable, making it easier to make decisions.



  • Tyler Acoustics MM5x’s
  • Abacus 60-120D
  • Crookwood C1-4AX
  • Crookwood Dac
  • Audeze LCD-1
  • Fostex 6301B
  • Custom insert switcher



  • Custom Barry Porter Net Eq
  • Berich03 Passive-Mid
  • Bereich03 Passive-Shelf
  • NTP 179-400 Limiter
  • Custom Baxendall eq
  • DAOC Optical Compressor
  • ADT Audio TM222



  • Cockos Reaper
  • Samplitude Pro x5
  • Hofa CD & DDP-Bundle
  • Izotope RX 7
  • DMG Audio, Fabfilter, Acustica Audio, Tone Projects, TB Pro Audio, etc.



  • Intel Core i5-6500 / 3.2GHz
  • 16 Go RAM, Windows 10
  • Rega Planar 2 
  • Yamaha KX-670
  • KA-Electronics phono preamp


Paris Désert / Gary Frank / Les Désallumés/ Trip for Leon / Twins Phoenix / Madani / Rusty Knife Record / Yumi Matsuzawa / Vartang / Resaka Sonora / Moya.B / Atrium / Nam Tran / Renar / Bad taste / L’antre parenthèse / Schlag / Inory music / Overdose TV/ Izotope / Contingent anonyme /  Anahata / Boulevard boys / Folium / Mamativa / Rainette / Posthume / Christophe Corbier / Ublot / Anahata / Tombés du camion / Harra Kiri / Khalid Belli / Léa Elka / Le petit de la coop / Noemie / Tyrgoda / Renar / Mindo / Mister Mada / Rossi Scarlette / Disturbing records . . .



( CD, vinyl, digital, streaming, Apple digital masters, cassette )

Stereo mastering ( From your stereo mix )

Stem Mastering ( From your groups of tracks )

Audio restoration ( Cleaning, editing and repair of your audio recordings )

Audio transfer ( From your vinyl records, cassette tapes… to digital )

Other services

( Services on quotaion , contact us for more information )

Mixing ( From your individual tracks )

Editing ( Arranging, cleaning, comping of your tracks )

Mix consulting ( Critical listening, analysis and detailed report of your mix )

Personalized training ( Individual coaching, defined and optimised according to your needs )


Jimmy Cassar

For me, music is more than a passion, it’s a vital need.

After being a musician and then a recording and mixing technician, I naturally turned to mastering.

At the same time, I developed my audio electronics skills, which allowed me to design and optimize part of the studio’s equipment.

I love sound and all its aspects, and for me mastering concludes my musical curiosity in the studio, it is the perfect balance between art and technique, pleasure and audio analysis.


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